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Right so I am starting my links and recommendations page with a few links close to my own heart. I will also be putting Casey's blog on here so you can go and find out about her life and love of lemons! If you would like a link to your own site on here, just leave a message on the comments below and I will get in touch. An email address or other way to contact you would be very useful as well. So without further ado;


Life and Lemons - by our very own Lemonade Girl Casey. You go Girl!

Crystal's Camping Guide is another of my personal blogs that will be getting an update and face lift soon. It is quite obviously a camping blog!

CrystalNici is a site in which I mostly ramble on about plans and dreams for the business. It's a kind of accountability blog, where I solidify plans for the rest of the business.

Jends Amazon Experience is where I do a lot of my Amazon Affiliate work. I like to review items on Amazon and I offer a unique service whereby if you tell me what you wish me to research I will do lists of the best each item to save you trekking through all of the other options. We now have three other blogs in this category, Jends Amazon DVD Reviews,  Jends Family Book Reviews and Jends Amazon Music Reviews. The same applies to this in that if you are looking for a book, movie or some music we will review anything you may be interested in.


Mostly My Mosaics Etsy store. This is where I attempt to sell the things I am creating on the mosaic side of business. It's only a small shop with few followers but I am hoping and praying that over time it will expand and be useful. Otherwise my entire house will be filled with gorgeous mosaics!

Chalice of Jends  Etsy Store. This is my most successful store so far and is the one in which I sell all of the beautiful jewellery that I create. Kind of exciting to have customers from the USA and other parts of the world as well as the ones from over here in old Blighty.

Nici's Wooly Wonders Etsy store. This is where I sell all my knitted and crochet items. Another work on progress but since work is progressing now I am hopeful of its future success.

Facebook Pages

Mostly My Mosaics Facebook Page. This is obviously the Facebook page that connects the shop, website and both blogs about mosaicing. We have decided that once the website is up and running we will use the Facebook page to post competitions and updates. Much like a newsletter but you can choose to visit yourself rather than have it pop up in your email inbox.

Nici's General Work Page is the page where I pull together all the other aspects of my business. It's kind of like a Facebook page that does the Facebook work my CrystalNici blog does. Once I get back sorted out I have great plans for that page so feel free to like it to see what's going on.

Jends Amazon Stores is the Facebook page for the matching blog. It is where I put the links to all of my Amazon reviews from the blog. We now have separate review blogs for books, films and music and all updates about these blogs will all be on this one Facebook page.

Chalice of Jends is the Facebook page for the Chalice of Jends part of the business. This is the page that links to my jewellery shop of the same name and is the oldest part of the business, where the whole concept of Jends started. I love this page, especially now that we have over 240 items in the shop of the same name!

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