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Hi and welcome to the Mostly Mosaics blog and information site. I was going to start things off with a little bit of information about why I am doing this, but I realized that this could all be included in the About us page and so I moved it all there!

So just for now I am going to say hello and welcome to anyone that has been onto the site already and to anyone that visits in the future.

I must beg your indulgence, I am creating this blog as we speak and it is still very much a work in progress so if you get here and find it all a bit confusing bear with me for a few days as I sort it all out. There is a lot to do when you start a site like this and it takes a little while.

I am going to put on this page a series of questions, to get things started while I create the rest of the site, feel free to leave comments as I really would like to know the answers. I want to make this site as useful to my readers as possible and the best way to do that is to find out what you would like to see on here.

Please look at the important information page before you start commenting as certain remarks will be deleted straight away! This is a family based site and I want it to be accessible to all ages and all kinds of people.

So, to the questions!

1) How much do you know about mosaics already?

2) Are you interested in the history of mosaics?

3) Would you like to try to make some mosaics of your own?


4) What sort of information would you like to find on this site?

That is enough for now, if you need me, I will be working on making the rest of the site easy to use and as attractive as possible.

Merry Mosaicing,

Nici xxx

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