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Hi, my name is Nici and I am the creator of the mosaics on this blog and the main writer. I am joined on here by my daughter Jess who is studying Archaeology and is responsible for the history and archaeology pages.

Throughout my life I have been really interested in books and films that focus on Armageddon and colonizing or recolonizing worlds. I have a complicated set of medical conditions that mean I struggle with mobility which always left me wondering. What if? What if Day of the Triffids really happened? Or some deadly disease wiped out most of the population as in Earth Abides by George R. Stewart. How would I be able to manage if I were one of the survivors? What would I have to offer to a group of people setting out to colonize a new planet such as in Anne Mcaffrey's wonderful Pern series? I'm just (at this stage in my life) a middle aged mother of three who is barely able to walk to the bathroom, so how would I survive a post apocalyptic scenario?

My solution to this has been to learn as many skills as I can do from my bed. I am now proficient in knitting, cross stitch and tapestry and pretty good at many aspects of making jewellery, which up until now has been my main focus for my work. Recently though I have been learning some new skills, crochet - when I was completely bed-bound with an exploded spinal disc - and the art of making mosaics. I am also looking into glass and ceramic painting, pottery and spinning wool from scratch.

I love the idea of self-sufficiency and am also learning, when my medical conditions allow me, how to make cheese, to pickle and preserve things in jars, the science of dehydrating food and how to salt and smoke products for later consumption. Learning wine, beer and soft drinking making is also on my list of things to do!

Mosaics have always fascinated me and I am very lucky to live in a place where there are some stunning examples of ancient mosaics such as Fishbourne Roman Palace near Chichester. For a long time I have wanted to try this art and I was very surprised by how easily it was to do. A very quick search on Amazon and eBay provided all the basic tools and tiles along with a selection of books, e-books and paperbacks that taught me the techniques.

I have called this site Mostly Mosaics as I am also trying my hand at some glass painting which I will be blogging about and selling in my new Etsy shop which will have the same name. I already have one Etsy shop called Chalice of Jends which I have a lot of social media already set up, so I am going to use that network to promote this site and shop as well.

At the moment I am in the design stage of the blog and shop, so this page is mostly just to get me an idea of how things will work and will change over the next few days as I get more things set up.

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