Sunday, 29 January 2017

Oh Bugle It!

Hello all my friends and welcome to the latest instalment of the mosaicing saga. I am finally in a position to pick up what I am doing on here and I come to you with some awesome developments.

The first, sadly is a bit of a pain in the bottom to be frank. I am having the most difficulty in obtaining 5mm bugle beads for the edging of certain of my mosaics. I went to eBay in the end but if anyone out there sells, or knows of someone who sells 5mm (or as close as possible) bugle beads in a variety of colours give me a shout!

Small Bug Keyring
Christmas Decoration
So what has been going on in the world of mosaicing. Quite a bit actually, for example we are now called Mostly Micro Mosaics as micro mosaicing is what I have decided to specialise in. I still will use bigger tiles in some projects, but for the most part I will be all about the teeny tiny seed bead mosaicing.

At the moment, and I know this seems weird but I am working on a large amount of small Christmas decorations, bug keyrings and Easter egg decorations. I want to get all the ones I can of them done by the end of February. After that I have a large amount of bigger projects to focus on, including pokeball coasters, sugar skull key holders and some really cute decorative bird houses.

Remember that I am all about the functional art, who says because something is useful it can't be decorative as well.

Future projects include picture frames, a great deal more tea-light holders, treasure boxes and all sorts but for right now I want a huge stock of Christmas things. This is only the small Christmas items of course, I have a whole box or bigger projects that I will be working on alongside my other projects throughout the year.

Hope you are having fun, whatever you are doing,

Bright Blessings, Nici xxx

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