Tuesday, 31 January 2017


As I am looking at the design aspects of mosaicing (particularly micro mosaicing) I have been thinking a lot about where I get the inspiration for my designs. I would say an over whelming amount has been nature to be honest, well nature and gaming but mostly nature. As you can see in the picture below inspired by the beautiful Monarch butterfly.

Monarch inspired butterfly.
I am finishing off all my smaller pieces as I mentioned in my previous post but I aim to have them completed by the end of February so already my mind is thinking about designs for the bigger items, particularly this small wooden holder below.

Into the box.
I am hoping to mosaic this to be sold as a wool holder for knitting projects. You can get at least three small balls of wool in each compartment with one strand out of each side and a third out of the top. This will help keep wool organised for colour work and the three compartments mean you could have 3 complicated pieces of work on the go at any one time. 

I have some lovely glass pieces in random shapes and sizes that I intend to make the bulk of the mosaic on using the small beads instead of grouting to hold the form.

So what I am looking for is ideas of the theme of the box itself. I have some nature based ideas but am really looking for something exceptional. The work will be mosaiced on the outside on all four sides, the inside will be lined with felt to keep the wool safe as will the base. 

The bits I will be mosaicing look like this; 
Side of the box.

Ends of the Box.

So if you have any ideas about what you would like to see on this piece of work, please come and leave a suggestion on our Facebook Wall. We are using Facebook for this to see how many people actually read our posts and blog with a view to starting competitions later in the year so please like the page if you pop over there so that you can be included in all the new and exciting developments.


  1. That's going to be so awesome! Can't wait so see what you do with it. Xx


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