Thursday, 7 July 2016

Minecraft for Mosaicers.

Hey there and how are you all doing today?

I am here with a bit of an update today as per usual!

So I expect you are wondering about the title Minecraft for Mosaicers right?

Well I am a gamer chick as they call it although I haven't felt young enough to be classified as a chick for many years. Nonetheless I spend my spare time playing computer games and my favourites are World of Warcraft, Minecraft and The Sims 3, although I haven't played the last one in a while because my PC is playing up some.

I justify the time I spend playing (because you know, I can't just take time off right?) World of Warcraft and Minecraft by using them to help the business one way or another.

A few years ago I published my first World of Warcraft book called A Beginners Guide to World of Warcraft and although it is no best seller, it usually brings me a couple of pounds of royalties every month. Now I know I need to update that book and sort out the front covers, but while I am playing World of Warcraft in my off time, I am also taking copious notes for the several other books I have planned for the future.

This series of books is sold very cheaply and is mostly about my experiences on the game. They are not official gaming guides, because they are just my opinions rather than official truth. I wanted to make some books that were very cheap but just showed all the tips and techniques I have learned myself, playing this game for the last 7 years. Its a players perspective and I try to include all the things I teach new players such as my boys in order to make the game as enjoyable as possible.

So onto Minecraft. Now we have a few official gaming guides for Minecraft and to be honest there is only so much you can say about the game. It's not like World of Warcraft in that there is much less story to go on with. Now lots of people make YouTube videos of their game play and I guess profut that way, but I still haven't learned how to do that yet.

Instead I created a world called Station after the very creative and hairy guys from Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey - a favourite film of mine. I am using this world to make picture of things that I am interested in but in a strange way. Basically what I have been doing is finding cross stitch or perler (hama) bead patterns. I have then been copying them, flat at the moment (although there are plans to do 3d designs in the future as well) onto this world. I have this great idea of a kind of art gallery that can only be viewed from above (via glass walkways eventually) that is also a kind of theme park.

Its a super flat world which is great because it means endless opportunities to make these exhibits and there will be parts of the world made especially for different categories of art.

So how does this relate to mosaicing? Well basically, by doing these creations on Minecraft I have instant access to the patterns for the purpose of mosaicing at a later date. At the moment I am working on the Pokemon section as I get used to doing this work but other plans are for a Disney sections, a flowers and butterfly garden, animal world and so many other ideas that I can't keep up with them.

Now my eventual aim is to create my own designs and then use the designs I make on this world as patterns for mosaic pictures of one form or another.

I will hopefully be able to make videos of tours around the theme park, villages that spawn on the map will be used as visitor centres, food places and suchlike and since there are two double villages in short distance from my spawn point I think there is going to be plenty of scope for attractions. I am doing this world on Creative mode and I do my best to set the day and weather so that I am uninterrupted as little as often.

It isn't easy work but it is very satisfying. If you think about standard mosaic tiles (as opposed to micro mosaicing materials) they are usually 1 cm squares which is more or less what the blocks look like on Minecraft. So these pictures are eventually going to become patterns that I can really easily see and read (as my body does it's standard lets see how much we can ruin for you today stuff).

So an artist is never finished working no matter what she tries to play, but at least it keeps the work interesting and I have so much variety in what I do.

I am going to get my IT guru Jess to show me how to screen shot the designs so that I can show you them one by one, so watch this space for the pictures.

In the meantime if you are interested in seeing some of the patterns I have planned, why not check out my Pinterest board Minecraft Patterns?

Hope you are having fun in whatever you are doing,

Bright Blessings, Nici xxx