Sunday, 28 February 2016

Focus for 2016

Hello and welcome to today's update on the Mostly My Mosaics blog!

It has, as predicted been a long time since I last wrote on here, something that really needs to change. But today I hope to be able to fill you in on all the things I have been doing towards the blog and shop in the world of mosaics. This has been quite a bit, let me tell you.

Over Christmas work on more or less everything else was shunted down to work on the mosaics but as usual my enthusiasm was greater that both my ability at the time and the time available. It has been much the same for both Valentine's Day and Mother's day. I mean oh yes I got a lot of heart things finished now, but not in time for V Day and as it's Mother's day in the UK next Sunday I doubt that I will have that much on the shop by then....

But, and it is a great big but, the lack of things in the shop in no way reflects the things that I have actually completed or are in the process of being finished.