Friday, 23 October 2015

Micro Mosaics

Hello there and welcome to the most recent update of the Mostly My Mosaics blog. Looking through previous posts I seem to be constantly promising daily updates, which - to be frank - is not something I am ever likely to actually achieve. So this post is all about the now and I will do the next one with the pictures on tom.... soonish.

Too many fingers in too many pies and too much excitement in all aspects of my work to promise more than that, sorry.

So back to the now. I am almost obsessively is working on a technique I am calling Micro Mosaicing. It probably has been around for years and I am just too uneducated to find out the real name, but this one suits the purpose - it is what it says on the tin so to speak. Teeny Tiny mosaics.

I am using small canvasses ( 6x4" and 10x10" the sort you can buy for painting on) as my substrate and beads and suchlike as my tiles. I also use the most pointed pair of tweezers I have ever seen and I seriously need to get back to Hobby Craft and get several more pairs as soon as possible because they are perfect for this.

These pieces are small but that doesn't diminish the art in any other way. Hundreds of tiny seed beads and bugles, 1-3 mm pieces of gemstone chips, cute little buttons and shells depending on the piece. I showed some examples of this method of mosaicing in the previous post but I have put that on a back shelf at the moment. These canvas mosaics are all Christmas themed so I need to get them done and out there as quickly as possible, time and Christmas wait for no mosaic artist it seems!