Thursday, 21 May 2015

The Best Laid Plans.

Well as you probably noticed I have missed the last couple of days on here. It's like it says in the title the best laid plans huh?  After a few very successful days on here I have been suffering from another bad pain spell. Talk about the mind is willing but the flesh is jello hey?

None the less, even yesterday when I spent most of the day asleep or falling asleep, I managed to get a bit more sorting of crystals and sticking them onto boxes stuff I do.

Oh my goodness the night before last I was working on the sand part at the bottom of the box with yellow crystals. I was in such a brain fogged mess that I accidentally ended up tipping the whole lot back into the main tub again. I just sat there staring at them in disbelief while Jess mostly sniggered a lot!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Tiles and Tribulations

Good afternoon everyone. It's me with the brief update of what I intend to do today. First of all I uploaded the blogger app onto my phone so now I can keep in touch even if I can't work on my actual computer. I have another blog that I am using to update my day to day progress so I can see how much I have actually done each day and that will be updated on an almost nightly basis, even if I haven't done much. The blog is called Crystal Nici (on of my many other personas) and if you are interested you can have a quick peep here; Crystal Nici.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

A Successful Day

Right me again with another small update. Both the gallery page and the A-Store are now up and running. It took me most of the day to create the A-store and several hours to work out how to set up the Gallery but I did it. I'm logging off now but will be back working on the site tomorrow so don't forget to follow me to see the latest updates. I am now quietly confidant that I can build this site into a working resource for anyone who wishes to learn about the art and craft of mosaics. Tomorrow I intend to start the how to articles with a lets get started article along with starting the tools of the trade posts. Can't wait. Also very excited to get back to work on my latest projects some of which will be featuring in the various articles and pages to come. Enjoy yourselves and don't forget... Merry Mosaicing! Nici xxx

Before Work Commences

Good Afternoon my lovelies! This is a very short update tyo let you know that serious work is about to commence on this site. After only creating for a time as long term illness leaves me to ill to face work online, boredom and restlessness has brought me back to work. This post is really short just to let you know what is happening. So firstly a lot more work will be happening on this page as well as my other blogs. On here we are looking at getting a very regular account of the mosaics I am working on. It will also mean that there will be very soon a slideshow photograph album of all the work I have completed or are working on. It will mean an Amazon A-store filled with lovely tools, books, materials and everything connected to mosaicing in the one place. I am also hoping to learn how to make YouTube videos with step by step instructions on how to make various projects, which will be accompanied by step by step how to articles with pictures on them. I will be explaining the tools of the trade an bits about the history of mosaicing. Alongside this I will be making new projects which I will picture log as I go along. So get ready for lots of changes on here over the next few weeks. Anyone popping over to have a look at the sire, please follow for updates and comment on anything you would like to see more of, there will be a page for you guys to give suggestions, recommendations or reviews very soon. Merry Mosaicing! Nici x