Friday, 26 September 2014

New Deliveries

Its always nice when you get a new delivery of stock, even if it is just more of the same stock you had before. I may have mentioned previously that I have been making Minecraft Creeper coasters. They look really great and have inspired me to add Minecraft Skeleton coasters to my repertoire. Today in the post however, arrived a parcel of tiles. It was a two parcel post today, very exciting, its like Christmas - even if you know what will be in them. I had ordered a pack of mixed green tiles for the Minecraft coasters and and a pack of mixed oranges, reds and yellows for the pumpkin candle holders I am creating. These were from my favorite supplier of tiles Hobby Island Mosaics. I shop from them on Amazon and I have to say that they are really good. Delivery is is super fast, I ordered the day before yesterday last thing and they arrived this morning. The tiles are really good there and the choice is amazing. They also sell tools and suchlike and it is this particular shop I will be mostly promoting on here. They have supplied me with more or less everything I needed to get started in this craft and I will be forever truly grateful to them!

So before I get on with sorting out my tiles and the other goodies that came in the post I promised I would show you the heart art I am doing at the moment. Please be aware that it is only a work in progress at the moment and that I will post more pictures as I carry on with the project!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Mosaicing Today.

So today is the day when I started putting everything together. I have some really basic mosaics, coasters mostly that I wanted to finally get finished. I plan to get as many as possible done by Friday night and start setting up the shop on the weekend. As usual my work space is a chaotic mess of work at different stages, note books, food items, discarded clothes and a cat. My work space is my bed you see, I don't have a lot of space and the little there is, is already taken up with supplies and materials. As well as the standard coasters I am working on a stocking holder for Christmas, some candle and coaster sets, some little trinket boxes and bags, a treasure chest, two surprise projects for my neice and new nephew and my first piece of what I call free art.

I define free art as something that has less structure than usual. Most of my work so far uses little squares of mdf on which tesserae are placed in simple square rows. Free art is something different though and I am learning to make mixed media mosaics in this form. The piece I am working on is called United Colors of Love and is a series of hanging hearts that form one completed piece. When completed the hearts will hand down, three smaller ones over one large one and will hold little cross stitch designs in them. Its a mixed media piece, I haven't stuck to my usual glass tesserae but instead have some stone tiles as well. And of course I am adding cross stitch to the finished work to aid in continuity and flow.